FREE "The Power of the Ancestors" Session 1

Heal your family relationships and reconnect to the power of your ancestry.

Experience a unique form of healing and transformation using sound and an ancient language of the soul with intuitive, Andreas Goldemann.

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Welcome your current incarnation and the field of consciousness of your ancestors.

This is the first session of "The Power of the Ancestors": a comprehensive ancestral and family relationship healing program by gifted intuitive, Andreas Goldemann.

Watch the video and listen to the sound to:

  • awaken to the awareness of yourself as a Soul in a chosen body
  • empower yourself to create the life of your dreams
  • draw on your ancestry for solutions and advantages
  • be the one your family looks up to and trusts to find solutions
  • turn your life around or make a new start
  • build more trust and self-confidence
  • attract people who love and appreciate you for who you are.

By the end of the session, you will feel it in your bones:

you're much more powerful than you think.

What participants say

"The Power of the Ancestors has led me through a birth into my birthright and into my power. Deep pain and ancient blockages begin to release. I am amazed and excited about the new things that are coming to me! I feel how my body and also my energy field is expanding more and more. There is a natural flow. It feels pleasant and light. I had pain for years because the energy was so congested... Now I come into my power! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your sessions are like an elixir of life for me."

- Sandra

"I am deeply moved by the impact of this work. I feel good, strong and secure inside of me and I'm just happy and satisfied. Many, many thanks to you, dear Andreas!"

- Maria

"I feel as though I've been born again... so much happier and more welcome, as though everything in me is connected again. There's so much more space for love inside me!"

- Anna

"All my life I have felt excluded, pushed aside, treated with contempt by my family and relatives (I had assumed, my ancestors too). The sessions brought about a complete turnaround. I now feel I belong, fully accepted and loved. I felt the message in my body: it has always been this way, I just could not feel it. Now ALL is well. I am finally free from limitations and happy in the energy field of all my ancestral lines. My heartfelt thanks to you, Andreas, for the healing work you do and the way you do it."

- Heli


Find your power. Heal your family.

Watch Session 1 of "The Power of the Ancestors" and experience Andreas Goldemann's extraordinary voice and intuitive gift.

Andreas Goldemann's work is the most powerful I have ever experienced... I felt lighter, happier, and more alive, and much more centered in my body. An experience that continues today. The world needs talents like Andreas Goldemann and I highly recommend him and his work.

- Anette Deyhle, Ph.D. Research Coordinator, HeartMath Institute Boulder Creek, CA 

Experience the magic for yourself.

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