Back to the origin
The journey back to your natural, powerful self

Back to the Origin

This is Andreas Goldemann's most comprehensive, pioneering program for holistic wellbeing.

Each of the 22 Video Sessions and Special Sounds are designed to help you release negative stored emotions and other limiting patterns held in your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual system, so that you are free to create the life you truly desire.

As you cleanse and open your energy channels, you reconnect with your authentic, powerful, joyful and creative Self. You feel vital and strong, your mind clear and heart open.  Confident and magnetic, you discover you have everything you need to change your life — and the lives of others — for the better.

Thousands of people have transformed their lives with Back to the Origin and testify to impressive improvements in every area of life.  Get a taste of what's possible by watching Session 1 for Free.

Oneness in the depth of your heart
A journey into the loving essence of your being

Oneness in the Depth of your Heart

Since ancient times, yogis recognised the Heart as the "Seat of the Soul". They spent years and years meditating in order to reach a deeper state of Being and know wisdom, beauty and bliss.

Happily, you don't have to spend all your life meditating!  Just watch the videos and listen to the Andreas Goldemann's voice to reach a heightened state of consciousness and experience the vibration of pure, unconditional love.

Not only will you experience deep emotional healing, you will also activate your creative potential and start attracting the people, opportunities and resources you need to manifest your soul's purpose and gifts. Get started with a short, One-Minute Transformation course for Free!

The Power of the Ancestors
Heal your family relationships and connect to the power of your ancestors.

The Power of the Ancestors

This online course enables you to let go of the past, clear negative energies, and restore balance and harmony within your family system.

Besides facilitating powerful ancestral healing, Andreas Goldemann helps you to break free from negative programming, esoteric causes of misfortune and unhappiness, like vows, curses and spells, and helps you to open up to more love, success and prosperity.

The complete program comprises 13 Video Sessions. Session 1 focusses on your current incarnation and the field of consciousness of your ancestors.

Life is Good Course Image 1280x720
Let an ancient language of the soul transform your life from the inside.

Life is Good, Trust & Let Go

There is a fast and easy way to improve your mood and lift your spirits — without any effort, no matter what's troubling you.

Watch the videos and listen to Andreas Goldemann's voice, as he sings in an ancient druidic language of the soul, to feel all the stress and negativity simply melt away.

Even better, you will experience a powerful inner shift that boosts your self-confidence, fills you with energy, and aligns you with abundance, good fortune and joy. 

The complete program consists of 3 Video Sessions, each offering a range of unique benefits. The first session is available to watch for Free.