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Course evaluations of the recorded live session on "Back to the origin" and "Claim your Brain"

As of September 2017, "Back to Origin" received a total of 1671 ratings

of which 1658 x 6 of max 6 stars:

As of September 2017, "Claim your Brain" received a total of 270 reviews

Of which 264 x 6 of max 6 stars:

O-visas U.S.A.

In 2007, USCIS (United States Immigration Service) considered and accepted Andreas Goldemann as one of the few specialists (O-visas) with exceptional skills in his field of work, allowing him to be a keynote speaker, trainer and coach in the field of Intuitive Work, Mental - and Awareness Training Work. An award that confirms the extraordinary success of Andreas Goldemann in his field of work.

Extraordinary Skills in Science, Education, Business or Sports (O-1A)

The O-1A status is available to a person who is at the top of their field of work. For people in the field of science, education, business or sports, this leading position is documented by important international accolades, such as the Nobel Prize. Of course, as such special awards are rarely given, "exceptional skills" can also be demonstrated by at least three of the following criteria:

  1. Receipt of a recognized (national / European) price for special services in the respective field of work.
  2. Membership of national associations with the appropriate reputation, which promote excellence.
  3. Publications about the person concerned in (specialist) journals and commercial publications.
  4. Participation as a juror in the evaluation of the work of other experts in the respective field of work.
  5. Contributions of extraordinary importance for the respective field of work.
  6. Authorship of important articles in journals or trade publications.
  7. Contributions to the work of organizations that enjoy an excellent reputation.
  8. An above-average salary or other (special) remuneration based on these benefits.

Andreas Goldemann fulfilled 6 of the above requirements.

Colleagues from the field

"Even weeks after Andreas Goldemann's visit to our Unity Center, the participants talk about nothing else. His type of intuitive healing made a big difference in many peoples lives, be it physically or emotionally.“

"Re-setting happens"

Cheryl Rohret Sr. Minister Unity of Yakima

"The information Andreas Goldemann shared with us in two evening workshops was the most important since my first meeting with my Master Qi Gong teacher. My consciousness and my self-healing powers were literally catapulted to a new level. In no time, I was able to solve problems that I have been experiencing on a cellular level. I now understand that there are no limitations in the field of healing."

Kathryn Cooper, Blue Heron Healing Center - Port Angeles - WA
Licensed. Acupuncture Therapist, Qi Gong teacher since 1993-94.

"Andreas Goldemann is the healer for the healers. Everyone who was there during his visit to our church got exactly what he / she needed; Information or personal healing."

Raoul Bedi Vedic Harmony Vancouver

"Andreas Goldemann visited the Institute of HeartMath at Boulder Creek, California in July 2010 to discuss the institute's research work on human consciousness.

During the exchange, I got to know a little of his Resetting method. I can say after many experiences in the field of spiritual, energetic healing. Andreas Goldemann's work is the most powerful I have ever experienced. After its application, I felt lighter, happier, and more alive, and much more centered in my body. An experience that continues today.

The world needs talents like Andreas Goldemann and I highly recommend him and his work."

Annette Deyhle, PhD, Research Coordinator, Institute of HeartMath, Boulder Creek, CA.

"Andreas Goldemann has the special talent to go into the depth of the consciousness of an individual to clarify disharmony. Much has been clarified in me. I've been with countless healers for the past 20 years, but he's by far the most talented I've ever encountered."

Kristin Nygard, Unity Church of today Mt Vernon WA

"I can only recommend Andreas to anyone who opens up to the magic of divine healing."

Marcia Olsen Spiritual Leader, Unity Spiritual Center, Brookings, Oregon

"After Andreas work during we aligned the chakras and re-integrated portions of consciousness, I can fully feel my I-Bin presence and step into my power.

He "resetted" the whole group energy and I feel lighter and more present than ever before, as if I have wings that are wider than the space I am in."

Tessie McCabe - Temple of the Divine Mother - Flagstaff, AZ

We will gladly send you more testimonials and recommendations from companies, organizations and professionals on request.

Voices to "Back to the Origin" sessions

"Thank you very much, Andreas ...... have just managed to get up for the first time in many years without the support of my hands 😀 😀 😀.... I am very happy to have found you ..... best regards.“

Dagmar Steines

"Hello, and I'm 65 years old, and the best thing in life is happening to me. I'm getting free, happier, more relaxed, more loving - also my environment realizes it. Just great! Thank you."


"This was a very liberating session. It is solved so much old. My energy supply changed fundamentally. So many interesting explanations are given, that help one to be "pulled along" with the consciousness as it progresses. It helps a lot when you let go of old, outdated topics. Highly recommended! And thank you Andreas, your work is so beneficial!“ Christina Myriel Baumann

"Hello Andreas, Your work I can not put into words, at least only with difficulty! You have already done so much with me! You could dissolve my postpartum trauma at Claim the Brain: I was operated on for 3 weeks on a jaw-lip column without anesthesia. Somehow my face felt always separate from me, now it is ok. My polarity were also wrong, I always experienced the opposite of what I wanted to achieve - that's over now!"

Ingrid Julia

"Since I was not a "live participant", here is my conclusion of this course. Andreas and the whole team. What was delivered here was sensational for me. It was unimaginable for my limited mind that all this "fieldwork" is possible..... awesome. THANK YOU !!!"

Beate Hoffmann Weil

"That was great, I feel so wonderful and my life is changing with so much ease, joy and glory!

Many thanks to the team of back to the origin and to myself, because I have indulged into this wonderful program to enjoy every session."

Stephanie Monser

"Super awesome, thanks so easy and yet so experienceable."

Susanne Schulz

"It was great!!! Recommended to everyone!"


"... unbelievable, what happens ... thanks."


"Thanks Andreas, that we can make this incredible experience through you. To reconcile your body, mind and soul ..... something we were far from. The physical changes during your sessions, can only believe one who has experienced it."

Gabriele Pilz

"On the one hand there is a lot going on in me, a lot on the move, on the other hand there is a quiet peace. Very nice and I am very curious about the next session. Nice that there is Andreas, a great gift for me."


"It's just indescribable! You have to feel it to yourself! I am so glad that my way has led me to Andreas! I feel wonderfully relaxed, grounded and at peace with myself and the world! Many Thanks!"

Andrea Handl

"Ingenious, the effect is indescribable!"

Karin Enzler

"It was just wonderful! I was in a very soft silence and a very nice joy. After that I slept very well. Thank you very much!"


"I'm here for the second time. Intensive work, a lot of depth, all of these with ease. Great 🙂 Looking forward to the next session."


"Great. I am excited about the ability of this man to help other people. Just great. Thank you very much."

Erika Schmiedl

"I have not yet found any words that could describe the state of my head during the session. In any case, it feels very nice and quiet."


"Thanks for this brilliant energetic help and support, ..
The explanations are one thing, the emotions you have stored another.
I really want to learn to understand what you don’t get explained anywhere else,

Carola L.

"Very liberating and insightful with depth and and relief from stress, anger and worry."

Ruth Frei

"... it is very good to be able to let go of the loads. Thanks for your support. What you do the head can not understand but the body can feel it. Thank you."

Elke S.

"I can always repeat that these sessions are awesome and extremely effective. I am very thankful to be part of it. I am so glad that I have followed my intuition again and looked at your presentation and I was immediately impressed. Thank you!"

Karin Landgrave

"This seminar series is simply awesome. I feel better with every session. As I have been working on "my topics" with many methods over the past few years (the emphasis is on "work"), for the first time, I feel that in these sessions everything is easy, playful and profound. I am grateful that my path has led me to Andreas. It is never too late to start again - this seminar series is very helpful. Thanks Andreas for your empathetic commitment."

Gudrun Ingrid

"I'm excited about the depth and effectiveness of your work. Thank you"

Kathrin Brandstätter

"Amazing what happens. I'm lso ooking forward to the next sessions. Thanks for this helpful work."


"A whole rain of stars for your work, dear Andreas, dear Mircea,"

Carola L.

"6 stars are not enough for so much great information. Unfortunately could not attend the live seminar. I looked at it now and I can only say "it works". I'm getting better with it. Pain was my companion for a long time, now it is just gone. I'm very, very thankful about that. Thank you, dear Andreas, for coming into my life. I think you were sent to me from above. It could not have happened to me BETTER. Thanks also to the great group."

Martina Nehyba

"Much of what I recognized in the last few years, that felt right for me, but that I was unable to live, is now beginning to unfold, to breathe, to grow, to work in me ... my fears become smaller, this is such a beautiful feeling.

Thank you Andreas for helping me to open the doors."

Lydia Bamert

"Lots of information, thanks !! My pain, which I had for years, is almost gone after 4 sessions. Alternately hot, tingling, wandering pain and eventually gone. I'm looking forward to what's to come.“ „ And such a nice energy"

Monika J.

"Andreas has a wonderful gift for getting things straight. Everything seems to happen so easily and very effectively. Thanks for this session, which has cleaned up even more."

Heide Dierks

"Just genius! You must experience this for yourself! Just listening to the whole context - that's holistic! I wish the doctors would have this knowledge and awareness 😉"

Olga Weiss

"This is one of the best energy work in the new era for me. I am very grateful for that! Thank you Andreas!"

Karin L.