Andreas Goldemann

Intuitive, Spiritual Healer and Guide

“Andreas Goldemann has the special talent to go into the depth of the consciousness of an individual to clear disharmony... I've been with countless healers for the past 20 years, but he's by far the most talented I've ever encountered." 

- Kristin Nygard, Unity Church of Today, Mt Vernon WA

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A personal message from Andreas:


My mission as a spiritual teacher and intuitive is to help you to realise your highest potential and live it with joy and ease.

My special intuitive gift enables me to use my voice — making sounds, speaking and singing in an ancient language of the soul — combined with movement and reflection to facilitate deep inner transformation and healing on every level of mind, body and soul.

Thanks to modern advances, I am now able to transmit this powerful healing through special online  spiritual / energy healing and transformation programs, each with a distinct set of intentions, to help you master your state of being and enjoy the best in life.

My healing journey

My healing gift was noticed early on. As a child, family and friends came to me to receive healing. Just being in my presence was enough for them to feel better. 

Even so, I didn't always embrace my gift.

Being an intuitive empath was no fun! It meant I felt all the pain around me all the time. I longed to be free, ride my motorbike and enjoy carefree adventures! 

Then came my wake-up call.

After suffering multiple injuries from motoring accidents, disappointment in love and getting into financial trouble, I hit an all-time low. 

It was time to come back to the very thing I was running away from: myself and my gift.

Embracing my intuitive gift

First of all, I used my medical intuitive healing gift on myself to recover from my physical injuries. Then, I started to heal my broken heart and to rebuild my life.

Peace, at last.

By turning within and doing the healing work, I was able to find the inner peace that had eluded me since childhood. Having healed my own emotional pain, I was ready to help others.

More and more people started to come to me for healing, and I worked with large groups, developing my gift further.

Deeply motivated to bring my work to as many people who can benefit from it as possible, I started to offer live online group transmissions and, later, audio-visual recordings.

The gift of technology

The energetic nature of my work means that it is effective outside of space and time.

As you watch my videos and listen to my voice, you experience the same, powerful effect, as if we were working in the same room, together.

Even better, you get an added boost thanks to the energy of the collective field created by all the hundreds of thousands of people who are already participating in this work.

Back to the Origin: a revolution in transformation. 

I am proud to have created several comprehensive online programs that transform lives every single day.

Back to the Origin was the first of these online courses, breaking new ground in the field of sound / energy / quantum / spiritual healing and transformation, a completely new way to enjoy holistic wellbeing.

I went on to create several more — and more are coming! — each designed to address specific issues and areas of interest, from stress, physical and emotional pain and lack, to feelings of joyful abundance and ease, and even heightened states of oneness, bliss and unconditional love.

My intention is to bring you a complete solution to personal and spiritual healing, growth and self-realisation.

My commitment to you

All of my online programs are:

  • effective and easy to use
  • low-cost, high impact
  • comprehensive and life-changing
  • key to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth
  • backed by a 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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