Andreas Goldemann Vita:

Andreas Goldemann has worked for 20 years as an Intuitive.

An intuitive perceives disharmony or imbalances on the physical as well as the emotional level in individuals or groups and then gives appropriate impulses to initiate a positive change.

Andreas is also an intuitive receiver and transmitter of organizing information. He transmits using sound, voice, movement, and reflection that stems from a condition of pure unintentionality.

Andreas's use of an old druid soul langue that helps restore the natural order of the body, mind, and soul, is quite unique. He also succeeded in recording his intuitive work on video in a time and spaceless manner that allows his clients to experience the same depth of change and effects as a live group, no matter where they are and what time they watch the video.

The simplicity of his work is a very special characteristic/feature. The client/participant only needs to watch the video. There is no action required, the participant just needs to be in a state of presence in the body, open for change, to experience the effect on the mind, body, and soul.

Andreas touches the heart and the mind at the same time. He builds up a space of deep presence that helps to initiate comprehensive change.

Andreas' specialty in his group work is the release of negative stored emotion, the energetic spinal erection, the revitalization of the Main CHI / Life Force Energy and through this the energetic and spiritual awakening of his participants.

February 2018 Andreas Goldemann reached more than 45.000 people in more than 20 countries.

2016 he started to test his work in a digitalized art through live webinars and online courses. The test was very successful. Thousands of participants (many profesionals as doctors, naturopaths, theraphists, coaches and trainers) are more than excited.

Andreas Goldemann lives with his partner and her son in the area of Augsburg (Bavaria - Germany). In his spare time, he works as an artist designing and building furniture and motorcycles.

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